Our most recent OFSTED inspection took place in October 2008. We were judged as "outstanding" in every area of the inspection. In their letter to children and families the inspectors stated that:-

Yours is an outstanding school and we agree with your parents, who feel that you do fantastically well there. You reach very high standards in English, mathematics and science in all years and your progress is excellent. It is not just in these subjects that you do well, though. We were impressed by the work you do across many subjects and how well you understand links between them.

This comes about because excellent teachers and other staff plan your learning very carefully to make sure you do the best you can, and at the same time that you enjoy your learning. We really enjoyed all the activities we saw and heard about – Year 3's Victorian schoolroom, for instance … what scary punishments children had then!

We found that the school's headteacher, governors and other staff are all working together extremely well to make things better still, in this already excellent school. You are an important part of this process, because you mostly make your views very clear and the school listens to them.

A copy of the summary is available to view below and a full report may be purchased from the school office. Copies of the report can also be downloaded from the OFSTED website.