At Broadstone First School, positive praise and learning go hand in hand as we all aim to create the best learning environment for both learners and teachers. Furthermore, to build a sense of community within the school, we must ensure that learners have a good understanding of self-agency whilst also working as a larger collective. Our house system fosters a strong belief in teamwork as all learners from Reception to Year 4 work together in healthy competition (in all aspects of school life) to earn points together for their house. Each house has a house leader (member of staff) and two house captains, who are our Year 4 learners.

At Broadstone First School, there are four houses:

Wentworth      Tudor      Clarendon      Ridgeway

Our house names, were elected by our School Council and are inspired by the local roads surrounding our school. The names of our four houses are individual to us, which gives them a greater sense of value and meaning to all of us at BFS.

House Points

Learners in each house strive to earn as many points as they can to support their team in winning.

House Points can be awarded for:

  • Good attendance
  • Positive behavior
  • Supporting others in their school community
  • Participation in competitions and representation in sports teams and tournaments or school events
  • Good effort and perseverance

There is a weekly changeable focus for us all to challenge ourselves with and to work on as a community.


House Milestones

Number of Points Reward
2000/4000/6000/8000/12000/14000/16000/18000 Non-uniform day for the entire house
10000 or 20000 Movie and popcorn afternoon


End of Term

The end of term winning house will win a cup with their house colour tied around it, which will then be displayed in the hall. We create a menu with the School Council of what the chosen winning half termly reward will be. (E.g. disco, mini Olympics, Ice cream Parlor).