At BFS, we believe our role is to ‘prepare children for a life well lived’. To this end, we are looking for opportunities that will support their development.

We are passionate about ensuring we provide opportunities that enables children to grow into well rounded individuals. We believe it is vital that children play a genuine and active role in shaping and supporting our school community. One of the ways we would like to do this is by offering all children the opportunity to put themselves forward for positions of responsibility. By taking on a role of responsibility children learn the knowledge and skills that homes with this such as independence, time management, resilience and effective teamwork just to name a few.

There are two levels of responsibilities that children will take on during their time with us. Within each class there are monitors who are responsible for organising aspects of classroom life such as line monitors. In addition to this all children will be encouraged to take on a whole school responsibility.
We have currently devised a menu of roles of responsibility available across the school. These range from chicken handlers to office assistants to play ground pals, each playing a vital role in supporting our school to run smoothly.

Responsibilities Letter and Presentation