We encourage our children to be as independent as possible and show respect for their property by looking after it carefully. However, sometimes various items are misplaced or lost.

Those items that are lost and are named can be returned easily and quickly. Those items that are un-named are put in Lost Property. These items are displayed regularly in the playground for identification. At the end of each term we bundle up the unclaimed useful items and send them to a number of charitable organisations or add them to our stock of spare clothes.

Of course we would much rather that we return items to their rightful owners. PLEASE ensure your child’s things are clearly named and help us keep lost property down to a minimum.

Mobile Phones & Toys

Personal mobile phones for children are not permitted in school for Health, Safety and Security reasons. All contact with the public is made through the school office.

We would also appreciate your support in ensuring that toys and games are not brought into school. The school and staff cannot take responsibility for the safety of these items while on the school site.