A great deal of school time is lost regularly in our school through term time holidays. The consequence of 10 days additional leave from Reception to Year 4 equates to 50 days of lost schooling which is approximately half a term! If term time holiday is unavoidable please request a holiday form from the office well in advance. Please ensure you provide a detailed explanation of the reason for needing to take leave during term time, as authorisation is at the discretion of the Head of School. The Educational Welfare Officer visits schools termly and monitors this aspect of attendance. Ofsted also inspect and report on this.

The school year is as shown on a loose sheet at the end of this booklet. School is open for 190 days during the year and there are also 5 training days for staff.

School begins at 8.50 am for all children, however, they are able to enter the classrooms to prepare for the day’s learning at 8.40 am. The school day finishes at 3.00 pm for all children.

The teaching time for pupils up to Year 2 is 22 hours per week. Year 3 pupils and upwards are taught for 23 and a half hours per week. These times exclude registration, assembly, break and lunchtime.

Please ensure children arrive on time at the start of the day and are collected on time. We do understand that there may be times when this is difficult and offer flexibility in emergencies. Please telephone the office should you require help in this area.

If you arrange for an adult to collect your child, other than the person who normally does so, please let the school know, preferably in writing. If you telephone, we will ask for your child’s date of birth as a “password” and proof that you do know the child you are making arrangements for. We will not release a child to any other adult unless we have been given permission.

If your child is going to be absent, please telephone the school as soon as possible, on the first day of absence. Please don’t hesitate to use the answer phone service to leave messages if you call earlier than 8.30 a.m. If we have not had an explanation as to why your child is absent, we shall telephone to ensure that your child is safe and in your care. As you can imagine, this can take up a great deal of time and we would greatly appreciate you letting us know if your child will be away in order to save us time and worry.

Absence, even for part of one day, should always be explained in writing to the child's teacher, upon the child’s return to school. We are obliged to keep accurate records of lateness and absence so that the Educational Welfare Service can act in cases where there is concern.

Holidays should NOT be taken in term time, and parents wishing to take children out of school for any length of time must apply in writing to the Lead Learner.