Meet our Learning Consultants

At BFS we value the importance of our children having a say in how and what they learn. If we are truly expecting them to be independent, respectful and creative, we know it is essential for them to have responsibility for their own learning. To help manage the valuable thoughts and ideas of every child from reception to year 4 we have elected 10 Learning Consultants. The Learning Consultants are year 4 children and they are each linked to a class in school. In their role, they are expected to gather the thoughts and ideas of the children in the class they are representing about all aspects of learning in school. The Learning Consultants then take on the responsibility of making some of the changes happen. They have been involved in developing the playground and running their own fund raiser to raise money for the local charity Coping with Chaos.

The Broadstone Bank

To make sure that the learning consultants can really focus on developing the learning in school, we have offered the rest of the year 4 children the chance to take responsibility for other aspects of school life. In preparation for ‘real life’, the children are expected to apply for the jobs advertised, go through the interview process and experience the joys and difficulties of acception and rejection. Of course, the children are rewarded for their hard work and they are able to earn ‘Broadstone Brass’ each week. We have a school catalogue that sells a range of items and experiences, such as DVDs, books, trip to a climbing wall and the children can choose to spend or save their Broadstone First School currency each week.