Our work

Our Work

The Castleman Academy Trust believes the purpose of education is to provide everyone with varied opportunities to inspire them to realise their potential. We aim to celebrate differing needs, talents and cultures. It is for this reason that our core values of Independence, Respect, Resilience and Creativity are at the heart of all we do. Any activity, whether directly led by us or by outside agencies, must help learners in our school develop in these areas.

The Castleman Academy Trust encourages and nurtures strong relationships between member schools, fostering the dissemination of good practice and a self sustaining culture of aspiration for educational excellence across our schools, exemplifying our core values at all times.

We are bound by a number of guiding principles:

  • To promote a learning community based on Respect, Independence, Creativity and Inclusion where all can flourish, where relationships are strong and based on mutual trust.
  • Provide a sharp focus on accountability and continuous improvement.
  • To ensure our schools are examples of excellence, academically and emotionally
  • To operate as a simple and low cost organisation so that resource can be focussed on ensuring the best possible learning for our students.
  • To promote mutual support, encouragement and benefit between all our academies
  • To develop future and aspirational thinking based on our educational heritage and to make use of the latest research in pedagogy and child development
  • To ensure we do all we can to support environmental sustainability
  • That all children are unique and deserve the highest possible standards of education and care and the closest attention to what will enable them to be successful citizens
  • To recognise and enable those who often remains “invisible”, through ethnic or cultural disadvantage, or through disability or poverty.

We strive to ensure “learners are better today than they were yesterday”. We want all learners to receive excellent teaching and make progress which matches the best.

We want our schools to have good networks and a strong voice in their own future. We want our schools to support each other to improve but also be outward looking and learn from the best to ensure we are embracing the best strategies and innovations, leading to excellent learning.