We strive to ensure that problems are resolved informally, positively and as quickly as possible. The key to being successful is to ensure that there is an open line of communication.

If you ever have a concern about your child’s education or welfare then please follow the procedure below:

  1. Make an appointment to discuss the matter with the class teacher.Teaching Assistants will always refer you to the teacher.
  2. If the matter is not rectified, please make an appointment to see a member of the Senior Leadership team (Lead Learner, Deputy or Assistant Lead Learner).
  3. If you remain un-satisfied then contact the Chair of Governors in writing and s/he will investigate the matter.
  4. The LEA should only be contacted after all these stages have been followed and no satisfactory outcome has been achieved.
  5. The Lead Learner and/or Deputy are usually available at the gate at 8.40 a.m. and  3.00 p.m. for informal communications. If you wish to speak to the Lead Learner regarding serious or confidential matters, please make an appointment via the school office.