Spring 2 - TBp 1

Spring 2 - TBp 1

Hello everyone!

One morning we came to school to find that a terrible thing had happened! There had been a robbery – someone had come into school overnight and made a giant mess in the music room! Chairs were upturned, porridge was spilled and the windows were wide open! Someone had been in and run away with a bowl of porridge - a porridge thief with blonde hair! We just had to investigate!

Focus for Personal, Social and Emotional Development: 
We will be learning to re-tell stories and make links in our play. We will be playing alongside others in retelling the story, developing the confidence to speak in front of an audience, and changing our voices to become the characters we are pretending to be. We will be continuing to learn how to be responsible, how to look after each other and keep each other safe.

Focus for Literacy: 
This term we will be submersing ourselves in the story language of traditional tales, starting with ‘Golidlocks and the Three Bears’. We will then compare this story with a range of other traditional stories, such as ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and looking at the similarities between the characters, the setting and the plot. We will be learning these stories and orally retelling them with Pie Corbett actions, which we will then innovate by changing characters and events. Our ultimate goal is to write our own version of a traditional tale which we would like to share with you at the Teddy Bears’ Picnic.

In phonics we will be continuing to practice learnt sounds as well as learning new ones. Soon we shall be sending out some information about how you can help your child to practice these sounds at home, including learning tricky (red) words to help develop reading fluency.

Focus for Mathematical Development: 
We will be learning to sequence familiar events, use directional and positional language by programming Beebots to follow directions.

Focus for character development: 
We will be thinking hard about making the right choices, demonstrating integrity, honesty and respect towards others and our belongings. We will be continuing to learn how to share and play nicely with our friends at school, asking others to join in our role-play of traditional tales.

How you can help at home this fortnight: 
Help me to further explore traditional tales (e.g. The Hare and the Tortoise, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, The Gingerbread Man) by reading any stories you have at home or by visiting the library.

Anything else happening this fortnight: 
This week we have sent home some ‘Wow-berries’ (to replace Wow-slips). These Wow-berries have been designed to contribute towards the school’s theme of growing. Please let us know of anything that your child has done at home that is really special, jot it down on a Wow-berry, cut it out and please send it into us with your child’s name and the date so we can celebrate them in school and add them to the class Wow-berry bush.

Finally, if you have yet to complete the blue Parent’s Consultation slip, please do so before the 15th March so that we can arrange a time to meet with you – many thanks to those of you who have sent their slip back already.

Many thanks!

The Reception Team