7th december 2017

7th december 2017

Dear Families,

We have had such a wonderful half term learning about Egyptians. So many of the learners have said it has been their favourite topic so far at school. This is lovely to hear and is thanks to such a hard working team of staff but also our families who make things happen at home too. We know lots of you have encouraged learning at home and brought in such wonderful take home tasks which were a pleasure to show off in our exhibition. We hope you were impressed by the quality of their diary writing as well as our trained tour guides.

Next term in English we will be learning to;

· Use the first two letters of a word to check the spelling in a dictionary

  • Plan their writing by beginning to discuss writing similar to that which they are planning to write in order to understand and learn from its structure, vocabulary and grammar.
  • Draft and write by composing and rehearsing simple sentence structures orally (including dialogue), progressively building a varied and rich vocabulary and an increasing range of sentence structures (English Appendix 2).
  • Read aloud their own writing, to a group or the whole class, using increasing intonation and control of tone and volume so that the meaning is clear.
  • Use grammatical terminology for Year 3 beginning to use inverted commas to punctuate direct speech.
  • Read and retell some stories, play-scripts and poetry aloud, with an increasing standard of intonation, tone, volume and actions
  • Use dictionaries to check the meaning of words they have read

Next term in maths we will be learning to;

  • Count from 0 in multiples of 4, 8, 50 & 100
  • Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables.
  • Write and calculate mathematical statements for multiplication and division using the multiplication tables they know, including for two-digit numbers times one-digit numbers, using mental and progressing to formal written methods.
  • Solve problems, including missing number problems, involving multiplication and
  • division, including positive integer scaling problems and correspondence problems in which n objects are connected to m objectives.

We hope that all of our families enjoy the festive season and have some lovely quality time together. They are only children once and it is a really special time of year we want them all to enjoy. So please get them to relax and come back refreshed and excited to tell us all about what Father Christmas left under the tree! If they are lucky enough to get new stationery for school pencil cases, please remember to name everything! Their pencil and glue stocks seem to have all run rather low by the way 😉.

If there is ANYTHING we can help with please just grab one of us on the door or at the end of the day.

We can't wait to start our new learning journey in January, but for now - MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Lou, Alice, Sophie, Claire, Corina, Sarah, Hayley and Lia.

The Year 3 Team