7th October 2016

7th October 2016

Focus for English: We will be focusing on writing a persuasive pitch for the learners to 'sell' their bridges to the panel of judges in the final. The children will explore another excellent text to develop and inspire their writing.

Focus for Maths: We will be learning strategies to use when applying our maths to answer word problems. The children will use the RUCSAC method.

Focus for character development: Pride

How you can help at home this fortnight: We have already had some fantastic take home tasks brought in to school! Please continue with helping your child to complete this, a fact file on a bridge designed by Wilkinson Eyre. Due on 14th October 2016.

Anything else happening this fortnight: The final of our bridge competition will be held on Wednesday 19th October. Parents and grown ups are invited into school to view the bridges the learners have made. This will take place on Wednesday 19th October at 3:00pm in Hebe and Honeysuckle classes.

Thanks, Miss Cleveland and Mrs Cran