6th september 2017

6th september 2017

A Warm Welcome To Year Three!

We are so excited to get the year off to a fabulous start! It’s going to be a fun year ahead! There are lots of exciting topics for them to get stuck into and we can’t wait to share their learning journey with you. Please find below a couple of things you can help us with…

Book Bags ~ Your child will be encouraged to change their reading books at least twice a week. Please write in the reading log to keep us informed as to when your child has read at home in order for them to change their book. Keep an eye out for the middle part of the reading log books as there are lots of hints and tips inside. Please check book bags daily for notes such as those for a bumped head. Please keep the book bags free of unnecessary clutter as they should be used for reading books, reading log, spelling book and letters.

P.E ~ P.E will take place twice a week; one indoor slot and one outdoor slot. Days do vary as we offer a creative curriculum and may need to swap days to accommodate our learning or the needs of another year group, and of course the British weather! It is a statutory requirement that PE is provided so please note that full P.E kit is needed in school for EVERY day of term. This should consist of a plain red t-shirt and black shorts, a tracksuit and trainers (not plimsolls). Please only send in trainers that need lacing if your child can do so independently. It is also a good idea to pop in spare socks and pants into their PE kit, just in case. Please ensure absolutely everything is labelled. If we find it and it is not labelled it will be left in the lost property bin outside near the hall doors. PE bags should be small draw string type and not rucksacks please. Swimming is part of the national curriculum and this will be scheduled in for year 3 in the spring term. 

Library ~ Year 3 learners are invited to use the library on Mondays. There is no expectation to take a book out on loan, however we do encourage a wider choice of reading. Reading only one type of book or author is very limiting to language skills needed for writing. Please return library book within two weeks. Your child will be reminded in class as we encourage them to take responsibility for their own book. However, we will also follow up with a text reminder to you. If the book is lost, we will write to ask for funds to replace the book.

Drop Off and Collection ~ An adult from each class will welcome you in the main playground each morning. Please arrive before 8.50am which when the year 3 door shuts, promptly. If you arrive after 8.50am we will not open the door, so please enter school through the main office and your child will be escorted to class by the office staff. Lateness is monitored and late marks are given if you arrive after 8.50am which are then followed up by Mrs Jones (Pastoral Care). Please say your goodbyes to each other in the main playground and don’t try to creep around the corner to check up on your children through the classroom window! This can be quite uncomfortable for learners and adults too. Please also note that we do not allow any toys or comfort items into school, so please leave items at home.

Please collect your child from the main playground promptly at 3pm. Please do not allow younger siblings to play around the stage and trim trail and the reading benches. If you’re going to be late don’t panic! We will check your child into after school club in the music room, but you will be charged for this facility. We will not hang around and wait for you in the playground as we often have meetings after school, appointments with other professional agencies, and we also have our own children to collect too. Please provide a written note to keep us informed of any going home arrangements / after school clubs.

Website ~ Please bear with us while we settle back into our daily routines. We endeavour to use the website as frequently as possible about our learning journey and we feel every couple of weeks should be satisfactory.

Snacks ~ In Key Stage 2 the government no longer provide a healthy snack. Therefore, please provide a healthy snack for your child to enjoy during mid-morning break. These do not need to be labelled as they can stay in lunchboxes or book bags. We are a “healthy eating school” so we do insist on healthy fruit at snack times and not crisps or cakes etc. Chocolate is simply not allowed at any time, in any shape, size or quantity. The item will be confiscated and returned to at the end of the school day. It does cause children embarrassment so please save them from this. However, you can send in chocolate and treats for birthdays, but please note that items must be individually wrapped ready to take home at the end of the school day, and again absolutely NO NUTS please. We are a NUT FREE school due to some children having severe airborne allergies. There is also an egg allergy in our year group so please avoid sending your child in with egg sandwiches, boiled eggs, or scotch eggs for example.

Uniform ~ Please label EVERYTHING! Sometimes it’s a good idea to show your child what their label looks like in their clothes and shoes so they know what to look out for too.  We need a coat EVERY single day please despite the forecast.

Show and Tell ~ Show and tell is not always a weekly event in key stage 3 and we politely ask that your child only brings in show and tell that is either relevant to our topic or a celebration of achievement such as swimming badges. Sometimes due to the volume of learners wanting to participate plus all their questions, we might not get through everyone in the same week. Therefore, we find it beneficial not to promise show and tell on specific days. However, we will keep it in a safe place until we feel it is the time is right to share their news.

Spellings ~ There is a big emphasis on spellings in the curriculum. The children will come home with a handwriting and spelling book in which to keep their weekly spellings. They only need to write in this on Fridays at school, not at home. Inside will be a spelling rule to apply to words at home. It doesn’t matter if they get a spelling wrong. We are more concerned with the amount of effort they have put in to practising at home and if they have really tried to understand and apply the spelling rule to a variety of words. We feel that supplying a predetermined list of words to remember for a week is not the best way to get spellings to stick in their brains!

If you do wish to speak to us, please feel free to make an appointment with us at a mutually convenient time. There will be an opportunity “meet the teacher” on 26th September. This is not a pupil progress meeting, it is just to put names to faces. We really won’t be at all offended if you don’t feel it is necessary to meet us; after all we feel you probably already know us quite well already!  We are so excited to have your children for a second and third time in many instances and we can’t wait to build a great relationship (again!) around your child’s learning.

Kind Regards,

Year 3 Team.

Forget Me Nots – Lou Graves, Sophie Burke and Trainee Teacher Alice Fisher

Foxgloves – Hayley Winwood and Lia Marcou