6th october 2017

6th october 2017

Space Jam Outcome
Our learners are very excited and would love to invite friends and family to come and cheer them on in our tournament. The learners would love for you to come and see the new sport they have learnt and show off their new found skills. The tournament will take place on Wednesday  11th October 2017, 1.15-2.45. We look forward to seeing you all!

You may have heard about the baked beans maths lesson. We try to use extraordinary ways to make learning stick and this week just happened to be the humble baked bean. We put them into bags of 1, 10, 100 and 1000 beans. And yes someone did poke the baked beans bag holding 1000 beans! It was horrible as it started to drip down our maths display!

Our maths focus will shift subtly now from place value (hundred, tens and ones) to mental maths with numbers greater than 100 and soon column method addition and subtraction will be introduced. We will use the "traditional" method of carrying numbers as they bridge the ten barrier. This is how we were all taught back in the day, however we no longer use the language of "carrying or borrowing". It is now called renaming and exchanging. This actually makes more sense when you think about it, so feel free to quiz your whizzy children as they start to show off their skills!

Our English focus has been on past tense, first person, paragraphs and subordinating conjunctions. You could ask your learners about how they use WASABI to spice up their writing! They hopefully will reply "while, after, since, as, before, if". Our learning journey will now make them secure with this as they start to apply this independently and more frequently in their writing. We will also be developing their understanding of the present perfect form of verbs in contrast to simple past tense.

We hope that you find this week's spellings format more user friendly. We have really listened to your feedback during our "meet the teacher" evening and we hope to satisfy your concerns around spellings. The national curriculum sets out high expectations for the year 3 and 4 learners in terms of spelling rules and their application as well as the common exception words that don't follow any spelling rules, or red words as we call them. It is a challenging time for them with regards to spelling and we really do need your support at home. We cannot assess learners as "secure" or "meeting the expected standard" in relation to age if they cannot spell the national curriculum word list. In an ideal world, we would teach them once, they would learn it and apply it every time in their writing. This is why we try to teach the rules alongside the list of words as well as the common exceptions to the rule.

The year 3 learners are really struggling to look after their personal belongings at school. If anything has gone missing it is very likely that Mrs Graves has bagged it up and stored it in the role play area to keep it safe but to make them search for it! We are constantly nagging them to tidy their pegs yet their belongings are often discarded on the floors around the corridors. Lunch boxes and drinks bottles are frequently left and sometimes book bags don't even come into school. Please can all the adults send the same message? They are mature enough to take responsibility for their possessions and treat them with respect. Learners must keep their belongings tidy on their pegs and the corridors tidy and safe.

You may have heard that we have had a whole school assembly on behaviour in school. Again, consistent messages from home help to support us at school. We do expect the learners to always be respectful. Respectful of their learning environment, each other, their work, their belongings, themselves and the grown ups. Learners each have a peg at school which is moved up and down a ladder according to their effort and behaviour. Any poor behaviour results in warning and pegs being moved down where a consequence is delivered, usually missed play, then a phone call home and possibly to the office to be dealt with by the senior team. Good behaviour results in them moving up the ladder towards a golden ticket home and petal points for the garden groups.

Thank you for your support so far this half term. Have a lovely weekend.
Year 3 Team

Forget-Me-nots, Lou Graves, Sophie Burke and Alice Fisher
Foxgloves, Hayley Winwood and Lia Marcou