6th june 2018

6th june 2018

Dear families,

We hope you had a great half term. We really enjoyed the weather although its getting hotter apparently! So, this is a polite reminder to please send your child into school with sun cream already applied and a hat too on the sunny days. Please make sure hats are labelled.  It's also not a bad idea to leave a rain coat on their peg too as the weather is so changeable. Sports day, finding your element, transfer day and reports are all due this half term - we can't believe it either. It's traditionally a time in the school calendar where most schools start to relax and take their foot off the gas, but not in Broadstone! We like to ramp it up a gear. Therefore, we will be sending home weekly spellings and timetables again as we get a little more formal just to make sure we covered everything to the best of our abilities. We really appreciate any time you spend on helping your child. We are hoping to arrange a bit of a "friendly" spelling and times tables competition soon between us and year 4! Help us to win!

Sports Day - 26th June from 9.40 at middle school

This will be the same format as last year as we received so much positive feedback. Teachers and teaching assistants will take their own classes around each of the ten activities and keep a tally of the points scored for garden groups. There will then be an assembly in the afternoon for learners to collect certificates and the winning garden team will be announced along with the winners of the competitive races. Once again we have a parents v teachers tug of war so feel free to join in! In addition we have a polite request that you do not offer your child snacks or treats as we go around the track. Their teachers will arrange for them to bring their healthy snack with them and we will have a normal lunch time so there is no need for learners to be have additional treats or snacks. Please consider the families that cannot be with their children on the day. Please do not buy learners food or drink form the PTA stall as this is purely for adults and not for learners. It is the same rules on sports day as any other day. Thank you in advance for co-operating with us.


Snacks that you send into school should follow our healthy eating policy. We ask for a healthy snack and we are a no chocolate school. Although we obviously recognise there are more serious sweet offenders out there, this is has always been a simple message to send to the children. We do not allow any form of chocolate, in any quantity, shape or form. This has been a school rule for over 8 years. The children know the rule and are always left embarrassed when they are reminded of this. Please be mindful of how other learners may react to your child being sent in with a banned item. We also wanted to let you know that we have a couple of serial fruit dodgers. A very small number of children in year 3 are hiding apples or bananas under the lunch trolley daily. If you are sending in apples or bananas regularly please just check with your child to see if they actually like the fruit. Please let them know they do not need to hide food if they don't want it. We would prefer their honesty and take the apple or banana home rather than waste the food, letting it rot at school. 

Home Learning

Forget Me Nots class decided to send some home learning tasks during the holidays. The tasks included in the home learning pack were consolidation exercises and not new learning. If you didn't get a pack because your child was absent from school or because you are in the other class - don't panic! Below is the most useful resource we recommended that is easily accessible. Feel free to ask for additional home learning from your class teacher should you feel your child would benefit from it but these will not be individually tailored. It's one size fits all! There are also plenty of website links you can access that we have put on our blogs that you can go back to too.


This website is also brilliant!



Year 3 Team