6th january 2017

6th january 2017

Welcome back we hope you had a good Christmas. We have hit the ground running this week and started our new topic Mind Your Own Business. We were transported into the live audience of BFS’s very own master chef where we watched a team of chef’s compete in a range of challenges. We were amazed to see how many sandwiches they had made in a minute and the exciting show stopper sandwiches they created. We are all very excited to become entrepreneurs and learn how to run a successful business.

Focus for English: Over the next two weeks we will be looking at persuasive texts. We will start by looking at different types of letters and the purpose of these in order to prepare for writing our very own letter to Mrs Stone asking for a loan to start our business. We will be looking at some of the key grammar, punctuation and spelling features so that we can include these. We will focus on: *Learning how to use both familiar and new punctuation correctly, including full stops, capital letters, exclamation marks, question marks. *Learn how to use the present tense correctly. *Learn how to use conjunctions to add more detail (using when, if, that, or because, and, but). As spelling is now a big focus in curriculum we will be starting our spelling surgeon sessions where we will be learning the spelling rules and applying these in our writing. We will be looking at…. J sound spelt as ge and dge at that end of words and sometimes spelt as g elsewhere in words before e, i and y Badge, edge, bridge, dodge, fudge Huge, change, charge, village, Gem, giant, magic, giraffe, energy. As we build up to opening our business we will be practicing effective customer service techniques. The children will be set different real life scenarios where they will be able to ensure they are providing the highest quality.

Focus for maths: Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on using the inverse to check our calculations. We will also be learning about money, including learning about all the different coins and coin combinations. We will be adding totals and working out change in preparation for running our own sandwich business!

Focus for character development: During the next half term, we will be focusing on the characteristic of aspiration. Over the next two weeks, we will be finding out top tips from other businesses so that we aspire to create and run the best business we can! We will also be doing market research to evaluate existing products so that we can aspire to design healthy and appetising lunches that everyone will want to buy.

How you can help at home this fortnight:
English: Look at some letters with your child and talk about the features and layout. Here is a link for an exciting ICT game, focusing on conjunctions and choosing which one you would add into a sentence. http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks1/literacy/joining_words/play/
You can help with maths by talking about money with your child and by using different coins to buy things from the shop. You can try and work out how much you are spending and how much change you will get. This maths ICT game helps children learn with coin recognition and adding money: http://www.ictgames.com/payForIt/index.html

Things happening this fortnight: *Please can we have P.E bags in school as P.E could happen on any day in the week? *Good News our books from the publishers have arrived. We will be delivering these to the library soon. Watch out for more information on how you can purchase one. Thank you for all your support as always any questions please do not hesitate to come and ask. Year 2 Team