5th october 2017

5th october 2017

We have had a busy start to Year 2 and are so proud of how our learners have settled.

Focus for English:
We are still sailing through our ‘Old Harry Rocks’ topic. This week we have used the drama technique of ‘hot seating’ to find out more about Harry Paye. This has helped our learners to develop the skill of questioning to find out more and use the information to write a Character Profile. Over the next week we will be focusing on retelling the story of Harry Paye in preparation to share this at our outcome.

Focus for Maths:
Our Maths journey so far has taught us about place value of two-digit numbers, partitioning numbers, ordering numbers up to 100, and the symbols greater than, less than and equals to. We are now ready to read and write numbers up to 100.

Character Development:
In preparation for our outcome the children will be working in groups to prepare their section of the workshop. The children will be learning about roles in a team and will focus on the skills they can contribute.

Our learners are looking forward to sharing the outcome with you on Thursday 19th October from 2.15pm so please do pop that in your diary. We know they’re excited to educate and inform you about Harry Paye and life as a pirate. It’ll be an interactive and informal workshop so come prepared to join in ‘Me Hearties!’

Please remember to encourage your child to have a go at the Take Home Task and bring it to school by Thursday 12th October. We would like to encourage each child to do their own research about Harry Paye and bring in their findings. This will help towards their understanding of who Harry Paye was and why he is famous. We would love to see messages in bottles, facts presented on a Pirate ship picture or a mini chest full of facts. Be as creative as you wish!

What numbers can you spot around you? Ask your child to look for numbers whilst you are out and about.
Continue to practice counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s.
Identify different types of sentences with your child as they read to you. Decide the sentence type- statement, command, question and exclamation.
Thank you for all your support and as always if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to come and ask.