5th march 2018

5th march 2018

Dear Families,

We hope you all enjoyed the snowy day off! We will always endeavour to keep the school open and it was great to see so many year 3 learners still made it into school on Thursday. We had a great time and hope that all the grown ups made it safely to and from work without too much disruption from the weather. 

English Focus
This week we will be writing our stories about the Hindu God of their group. We have taken inspiration from the clips below and the more the learners watch them, the better their stories will be. We will be looking for them to apply their learning of expanded noun phrases, inverted commas to indicate speech and subordinating conjunctions in particular. Hopefully, when we have finished writing and recording our stories we can upload them to our blog to share with you at home!

Maths Focus
This week in maths we will be looking at correspondence problems in maths, in which m objects are connected to n objects(for example, 3 hats and 4 coats, how many different outfits?; 12 sweets shared equally between 4 children; 4 cakes shared equally between 8 children). On the back of the success of the spelling "zap its" we will be introducing times tables "smash its" and another purple card will be making its way home with the times tables your child needs to focus on. Personalising spellings and times tables for 61 learners is no mean feat so thank you for supporting us with these. It should take around ten school days for us to hear every child individually read, spell and complete times tables so thank you for your patience with these. Learners do need to know their times tables out of order and not just by rote so any practise only builds their number sense and confidence with develop efficient mental methods, for example, using commutativity and associativity (for example, 4 × 12 × 5 = 4 × 5 × 12 = 20 × 12 = 240) and multiplication and division facts (for example, using 3 × 2 = 6, 6 ÷ 3 = 2 and 2 = 6 ÷ 3) to derive related facts (for example, 30 × 2 = 60, 60 ÷ 3 = 20 and 20 = 60 ÷ 3). 

World Book Day
Due to the weather we postponed World Book Day to Thursday 8th March. In year 3 we will be enjoying a Roald Dahl classic "George's Marvellous Medicine" so look out for the characters the Year 3 team will be dressed up as and see if you can work out who we are from the book. There are various competition running in school that week and one of them is the Book In A Jar competition. A bit like our dream jars that we did back in September, so feel free to send these in anytime before Thursday 8th March. Learners will also be entering into three other competitions;

Most unusual Roald Dahl fact 
Name the most characters from Roald Dahl’s books 
Invent a new Roald Dahl word

Good luck! 

Kind regards,
Year 3 Team