4th january 2018

4th january 2018

Happy New Year families,

We have come back to school with a real buzz for learning, so thank you for returning them to us safe and well. 


We have new PE arrangements for this term and our PE will now be on Fridays. Don't worry we will have a Wednesday lunchtime run by AFCB so we still get our weekly football fix. It is important that learners have full indoor and outdoor PE kit in school every day of the week. It is a statutory requirement  including appropriate footwear please.


We have started the spring term fast paced with a huge amount of multiplication. We are teaching the children to be efficient in their approach and we have been looking at 3 multiplication strategies in particular; arrays, repeated addition and equal grouping as well as commutative law. Next week we will look at the relationship between multiplication and division and we will be dividing by 3 using the same strategies; arrays and equal sharing and repeated subtraction.


In English, our focus has been on SpAG (spelling and grammar) this week as we have been learning about possessive apostrophes. Next week in SpAG, we will be looking at similes and homophones. We will also begin our big shared read as we start to take turns to read from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We will be discussing in particular how Roald Dahl uses charactonyms, funny language, superlatives, similes and homophones to capture the reader's interest and imagination.


Our new characteristic this half term is Aspiration. We asked the learners to have a life goal and to map out the steps to success. They were so thoughtful and we were very impressed by their aspirations. We have been speaking about our mental attitude and how we can have a growth mind-set and believe in ourselves, with failure just being our first attempt in learning. We have been teaching them that although some learning may seem tough, they have to lay the first brick. We hope you have seen how your children have been emotionally engaged in their learning, as we spent Wednesday afternoon discussing homelessness and the stereotypes they fall into. We were so proud of their contributions and they left the year 3 team in tears with their thoughtful insights. A truly wonderful afternoon.


We can't wait to get started on our science investigations - who knows we may stumble across something brilliant like Sir Alexander Fleming or Joseph Priestly! We hope your children came home excited about their learning as we have taken part in the new TV show "The Greatest Science Investigator of All Time." The photographs do not do it justice!

Keep in touch and thank you for your support.

Year 3 team