3rd may 2017

3rd may 2017

Hello everyone! Welcome back from the Easter holidays, we hope you all had a lovely break.

Focus for Personal, Social and Emotional Development:
This term we will be focusing on Curiosity which lends itself really nicely to our new topic ‘Butterflies and Beanstalks’. As we learn about the world around us, we will be considering our role in this world and how we can make decisions that will help us to develop a sense of moral and social duty towards plants and animals in our care, as well as others around us.

Focus for Literacy:
We will be writing recounts about our Easter Holidays and our exciting trip to Farmer Palmers, writing mini-facts and riddles, and writing down our observations of caterpillars as they grow!

Focus for Mathematical Development:
We will be focusing on Shape, Space and Measure this term (length of stems, amount of water / soil a container can hold etc.), as well as consolidating our addition and subtraction skills in practical situations, making links and connections between all of the number facts that we already know.

Focus for character development:
We will be ensuring we take care of our new Busy Bee area, keeping it clean and tidy, as well as ensuring we water the plants to help them grow. We will be maintaining and improving Bug-ingham Palace and also designing and making bug homes to help look after insects!

How you can help at home this fortnight:
Please continue to hear your child read their book and learn their red words regularly, this is vital for their progress at this stage of the year and your help at home is valuable and greatly appreciated.

We have done a mini-beast hunt in the school grounds, perhaps your child could do a mini-beast hunt in their garden at home and come up with a way of recording their findings to share with us at school. Can your child discover an interesting fact about a mini-beast to share with the class?

Thank you to all of the parents who heled out at the trip to Farmer Palmers, the children had an amazing day and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Many thanks!

The Reception Team