2nd may 2018

2nd may 2018

2nd May 2018

The children in Buttercups and Bluebells have thoroughly enjoyed our introduction to our new topic Butterflies and Beanstalks. We have welcomed some eggs into our base and are watching the amazing process of how these hatch and become chicks. 

We have been impressed by the brilliant writing we are seeing coming from the children and cannot wait to show this off in their Learning Journal. We are so proud of the progress and enthusiasm for writing we have seen. Keep it up, Reception!

Literacy: Our children are now brilliant at using their sounds and we will be practising and developing writing simple sentences. 
In phonics, both groups are focusing on set 2 digraphs and trigraphs. We are encouraging application of phonic skills in reading and writing, using sounds to spell words and putting these words into sentences. Included in our phonics are opportunities to develop recognition of red words and reinforcement of letter formation. 

Maths:  Our main focus in maths this week is looking at their skills involving number. Can they add and subtract single digit number sentences? For example, 4 + 2 =       8 + 2 =      10+ 4 =    

In the coming weeks…

We will be sending home a Broad Bean for you to grow. It is important that children see the germination of the seed so we will be sending home them home in a clear plastic cup with a piece of cotton wool. 


Read, Read, Read! We are really encouraging the children to read at home and in school. The children need to be reading around five times a week. Discuss with your children minibeasts and their environment? Watch the germination of the Bean seed. Can the children write and/or draw what is happening?

Take home task – by the 21st  May

We will be sending home a magic bean for you to grow with your children. We will run a competition for the tallest beanstalk at the end of the topic. All you need to do is water it!

We will also be sending out a ‘Nature Detectives’ spotting sheet. Can the children see the signs of Spring?

A few reminders;

Please keep the wowberries coming in. These help inform our observations as parental input is vital during the reception year. We also love to hear what children have been up to out of school and how they have taken their learning home! Your observations about areas such as your child’s use of technology and comments on their understanding of the world, including those related to family, people and places, past and present and aspects of ‘science’ such as floating and sinking, materials etc.

If your child attends an extra-curricular club, such as swimming, dancing, gymnastics, football, drama etc, we’d love to hear about it! If they have a certificate, please send us a copy, or a photo of them dressed ready for their club. This will also be included in their learning journals and will inform our assessments.

Farmer Palmers – We are very excited about our annual trip to Farmer Palmers. Please ensure that your child’s slip has been returned. We would be really grateful of any volunteers of support on the day. 
Hot Weather – Please ensure when the weather is hot that your child has sun cream on and brings a hat with them. Also on rainy days they have a waterproof.  

Thank you for all your continued support as always!

Reception Team