2nd december 2016

2nd december 2016

Dear Families

We are incredibly excited to welcome you all to our pop-up Exhibition on Thursday 8th December 2016 at 2:00-2:45 pm, in the year three classrooms. Our learners have been busy working in teams to provide detailed and accurate information and exhibits to present to you. The last few weeks we have been diving into the life of Howard Carter, writing diaries and researching around the life of Tutankhamun. Alongside preparing for our exhibition, we have been learning all about how to write and present a newspaper article. We are so impressed with how excited and enthusiastic the learners have been. They have shown a willingness to research further into the topic and an eagerness to share their new found knowledge with their peers. Many thanks to your support and dedication for helping the learners to create their own Egyptian Artefact, we have been bowled over with the effort that they have put in.

In the coming weeks….

Our focus for English is to continue to work on using specific punctuation and gramma features when planning and writing their own newspaper articles about Howard Carter’s discovery.

Our focus for maths is to continue to build on our learning in multiplication and division. Learners will begin to use formal written methods for multiplication and will use the inverse to check their answers. We will also be learner different strategies to aid them with division.

Our focus for character development is responsibility. We will be encouraging all of our learner to take responsibility for their learning ensuing they have the necessary resources, being self-motivated and contributing to the learning environment.
How you can help at home this fortnight:

In maths, we would like our learners to practice their 4X’s tables by learning this song,


This will help them to memorise their 4 times tables.

In English, read a range of texts based around the Ancient Egyptians reading for meaning and to find the most interesting facts about the Ancient Egyptians.
Spellings, continue to practice the spellings that are sent home, try writing them into sentences.

Things happening this fortnight:

Egyptian Exhibition Thursday 8th December, 2pm. Our learners are excited to show off their new found knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians.