28th march 2018

28th march 2018

The children have made a fantastic start at becoming historians in our new learning adventure, Fire Fire. We have been hugely encouraged by the children’s enthusiasm, knowledge and curiosity so far! Please refer to our MTP for more information about this learning experience.
PE- Our PE day will be changing to a Friday after the Easter holidays. Please ensure PE bags are left in school for your child to participate fully in this curriculum area.

Help at home:

WRITING- We’ll be writing diaries, letters, stories, posters and poems in this topic so any opportunity you have to write at home will continue to support your child’s stamina and understanding of sentence structure, punctuation, capital letters and handwriting formation.
Remember to… SAY the sentence, HOLD the sentence in your head, WRITE the sentence with a capital letter at the beginning, and punctuate correctly throughout and at the end (. ? !)
Why not have a go at writing sentences using our Year 2 conjunctions (when, if, that, or, because, and, but) to add more detail and stretch your sentence!

READING- Wow those bucket list challenge cards are looking amazing. We can see that the children are taking huge responsibility to read in all these different places and with different things. Only a few weeks until the score cards come in for this challenge so please keep supporting your child by reading as often as possible. Alongside the decoding strategies we’ve taught the children (refer to the strategy bookmark) we teach the children to comprehend what they’ve read. Please continue to ask your child questions about what they’ve read to develop the skill of comprehension.

SPELLING- After Easter we will be revisiting some of our spelling rules previously introduced to ensure these are being applied in writing and then teaching our remaining Year 2 spelling rules. Please continue to practice the Year 2 common exceptions words. It’s really important that the children are secure in spelling these correctly in their writing. 

MATHS- Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on measure; length and heights, mass and weight, and capacity and volume. 
*What objects can you find around your bedroom that are smaller than a 30cm ruler? Why not gather 6 objects- order them from smallest to largest and then measure the length of each object. 
*Do you have a favourite baking recipe? Have a go at weighing the ingredients by reading the scales (grams/kilograms). Reading the scales is an important part of baking so support your child to read the scales as they weigh the ingredients. 
*Look at different containers in the kitchen. Experiment with how much water they hold? Before measuring, estimate which will hold the most to the least. Then measure the actual amount each container holds using a jug with a scale (millilitres/litres).  

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT- The children have been growing the characteristic of integrity this half term. The children define this as ‘doing the right thing when no one’s watching’. We have been thinking about this characteristic being shown in what we say, how we say it, what we do and how we do it. 
Thank you as always for all your support and please don’t hesitate to come and ask if you have any questions.
Year 2 Team

EASTER CHALLENGE- The children have been learning all about what’s included in a diary. As a challenge over the holidays we’d encourage them to pick their favourite day and write a diary entry. How many of the diary features can they include? Date, Dear diary, Emotions, First person (I/We), Chronological order, Time words. 

We look forward to reading these when we return from the break. They’ll be a prize for all who have written their own diary entry!