22nd march 2018

22nd march 2018

IN THE COMING WEEKS We are coming to the end of our ‘Pizza for Breakfast’ and what fun we have have! The children have put their all into this topic and this has resulted in a great topic. In the next week, we will be rounding off our topic with the opening of our pop up pizza parlour for staff.

Focus for English Our SPAG focus has been looking at organising our writing in paragraphs. This week, we will be doing one big independent write making sure we include a new paragraph for each part of new information.

OUTCOME Our outcome will be our pop up pizza parlour available to staff on Wednesday 28th March.

HOW YOU CAN HELP AT HOME If possible, please could you allow your children to be involved in the cooking at home? So that they can look at different ingredients and weights for their recipes. We are available for free testers!

Maths In Maths, our focus has been on decimals. As we know, decimals is a very tricky concept for the children, however they are all around us. A way in which you could help at home is when in your local supermarket, if you could give your children a maths problem that they could work out by the time you have finished in the shop. E.G- “I only have £10 to spend, and I need to buy butter, milk and bread and this cost me £4.80, how much change will I have?” Thank you for your continued support this year, it is very much appreciated.

Kayleigh Mackin and Jen Cran