22nd january 2018

22nd january 2018

Dear Families,


We hope you got the exciting news about our sleepover! Yes, we're mad but we care deeply about your children and want them to have the best experiences we can physically offer them. We recognise it's not for everyone but for the majority this is about the time when their first sleepovers begin to happen. We are hoping to support them with this transition to staying away from their usual home comforts but in a safe environment they are familiar with and with trusted adults they can rely on. Just like with film ratings, it is impossible to predict what might upset any particular child as they all develop at different rates and have their own personalities and sensitivities. As loving parents you also have your own set of beliefs and tolerances and we respect that too. We don't have eyes on your Facebook pages, so please don't hesitate to speak to us in person on the door in the morning or after school if you want to discuss any concerns.


It's a necessary part of the curriculum that we recognise is challenging and can be boring. So, we have decided to magpie an idea that year 4 are using to make it more interesting. Your child will be coming home soon with their own personalised spelling lists soon in the form of a spelling zapper. Yet again we are mad in tailoring spellings to their specific needs but we are determined to send them to year 4 achieving or excelling against the expected standards for their age. Please visit this website to get more insight into spelling zappers. http://www.spellingzappers.com/howtheywork.html


Try out a couple of these. We loved these in class this week...






During the last two weeks we have won the "Tidy Team" award and we are very proud of the year 3 learners for respecting our learning environment. However, we are becoming concerned that there are learners who are not respecting each other or the school staff around them. We would like your support with this please. This is a fun way to discuss their manners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5yCOSHeYn4. We would also encourage them to watch and discuss this with you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PBfqaditYU

Thank you!

Year 3 Team