22nd february 2018

22nd february 2018

Dear Families,

Parent Consultations
We are looking forward to meeting you all on 15th March for parent consultations. We will be sending the times back to you as soon as we have received all of your reply slips which are due by 5th March please. This will be a great time for you to look through their books and see how well they have been doing so far this year. We can't believe that we are already half way through year 3!

Money We Raised
Thank you for helping us raise money for the homeless charity Routes to Roots. We raised over £225! What a great result. Thank you for helping us to make it happen. As one topic ends another begins and we hope you will take the time to read our medium term plans (MTP) we send home so you can chat to your children about their learning journey.

Characteristics of Learning
The characteristic we are focussing on this half term is "Integrity." We are sending a clear message to the learners that integrity means "doing the right thing even when no one is looking." We hope that they feel a huge amount of self pride and finish the topic with their own moral principles.  Can your child tell you all 6 characteristics of learning at Broadstone First school?  How about our 3 core values? 

We had a lovely afternoon today with Mrs McDonald exploring a range of Indian music as well as chimes, claves and rhythms. It was great to expose them to something new and we will also start listening to some classical music in the mornings. It's a lovely way to start the day. We can't wait to learn more about the shadow puppets and scripts we will create to make a wonderful assembly outcome, as well as the Holi festival we will host for the younger learners at school.

You are probably already aware that the pyramid between us, middle school and Corfe Hills are focussing on mental health this week. There are some shocking statistics we have learned as professionals this week and we want to make you aware of the key facts too.

50% of mental health problems are established by age 14 
10% of children and young people (aged 5-16 years) have a clinically diagnosable mental problem3 yet 70% of children and adolescents who experience mental health problems have not had appropriate interventions at a sufficiently early age.

Here is a link to direct you to advice and more information regarding this https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/a-to-z/c/children-and-young-people

English Focus
Our focus in writing this week has been around improving our work. At Broadstone First we ask the children to write a first draft, grow in green by self editing and finally respond to teacher's feedback through marking by improving in blue. They have been working hard at "up levelling" sentences by adding expanded noun phrases and a wide range of subordinating conjunctions to make multi clause sentences. They have done a super job with this.  

Maths Focus
Our focus in maths has been formal methods of division. We have used the bus stop method and used remainders. This is a new and quite tricky concept to embed. Mastering the times tables would be hugely beneficial and help them to see the relationship between multiplication and division.  We will be moving onto fractions as soon as they have mastered formal division which should be in the next week or two.
Thanks for your support,
Year 3 Team.