19th september 2016

19th september 2016

Focus for English:
 We will be writing our own information leaflets about Poole. We will be focusing on organising our writing in a style appropriate to a leaflet, editing and improving our work and using ICT skills for a professional finish.

Focus for Maths:
We are focusing on four digit column addition and subtraction including problematic calculations and word problems. We are continuing to work on our times tables.

 Focus for character development:

How you can help at home this fortnight:
We encourage the learners to carry out their take home task (outlined on the MTP on the website). The children could benefit from a visit to the Poole Museum to learn more about Poole and its rich history.

Anything else happening this fortnight:
We will be going on our first school trip in Year 4. We will be visiting Poole Quay to watch the Twin Sails bridge in action and to learn more about Poole by following part of the Cockle Trail.