19th sepember 2016

19th sepember 2016

Focus for English:
Over the next two weeks we will be exploring non fiction texts- using these for research to further our knowledge of Science and also to support us in writing our own non fiction text for our Science Fair. We will be looking closely at the structure and features as well as critiquing the effectiveness  of a range of non fiction books. 

We will  be focusing on how to use both familiar and new punctuation correctly, including full stops, capital letters and question marks as we record our predications and findings from our Science Investigations.  As well as looking at different sentence types as begin to explore commands in the method of science investigations. (e.g. Place seven Mentos in the coke)

Focus for Maths:
Compare and order numbers from 0 up to 100. 
e.g. 37, 42, 12, 8- can you order these from smallest to biggest.

Use greater than, less than and = signs. 
e.g. 13 < 23       34<94    16=16
N.B. Charlie the crocodile is always greedy and he always likes to eat big numbers.
Focus for character development:
There are two main characteristics that we are focusing on. As a school we are looking closely at pride and how this looks in our behaviour but also in the way we present ourselves and our work. We are working really hard to take time and care over our work. We are also looking at Curiosity as we continue to be immersed in Science, asking questions and wanting to find out more. 

How you can help at home this fortnight:

If you have a non- fiction books at home- take a look at this together see if you can pick out the features (glossary, headings, captions, diagrams and labels) as well as discussing the importance behind these features. 

Below is a link to a really great Maths game where children will have the chance to order numbers from smallest to biggest and biggest to smallest.