19th january 2017

19th january 2017

Dear Families
We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that you are all well. To start off the year, we are beginning our new topic ‘Lashings of Ginger Beer’ where the children are thinking about children who have difficulty reading due to a disability. Our learners are all determined to write an exciting adventure story, aspiring to be just like the author Enid Blyton. We have been really getting into what life was like in the 50’s and have been trying out some of their picnic favourites (including the delicious ‘Spam’). We hope that parents and grandparents are able to join us for our 50’s style picnic on the 2nd of February. Where the children can practice their story telling skills in front of you before recording them onto CD’s to send to Julia’s House.

On Monday, we will be visited by a Story Teller to inspire our learners further.

As we are focusing on the character of aspiration this term we are setting all of our learners a challenge in P.E. We will be training the learners to run for 5K during our P.E. lessons. However, we only have a limited time to contribute to this during the school week and the training programme requires our learners to complete 3 short (20mins max) runs a week. We will be doing one of these runs in our P.E. lessons on Monday so the learners will need to find time to complete a run 2 more times throughout the week. We will send home a training guild to help all of our learners to succeed detailing what is required in that week. You never know, your children may well inspire you too. Lucy and I look forward to seeing you at park run! We are currently planning a mini outcome for this where the children are able to take part in the Junior Park run on a Sunday at Poole Park.

We are currently in the middle of reviewing and revamping how our learners develop their spelling skills. In the meantime please continue to practice the list of spellings that were sent home before Christmas. We will be updating you on a slightly new format soon. Watch this space.

In the coming weeks….

Our focus for English is to continue to work on using specific punctuation and grammar features within their stories. Specifically working on using speech marks, exciting vocabulary, different sentence openers and using adverbs to make our writing more interesting.

Our focus for maths is to learn how to measure length, using appropriate units of measure and converting units of measure. We are continuing our push on learning times tables. Our children need to practise these as much as they would their spellings. All children have got a sheet covering all of the times tables in order to help them to practise.

Our focus for character development is aspiration. We will be encouraging all children to be aspirational in their learning, aim high, and challenge themselves. Our focus for our ‘Pick of the Bunch’ awards will be ‘aspiration’ and we will be reminding learners of this essential characteristic of learning frequently.

How you can help at home this fortnight:

In maths, we would like our learners to continue to practice their 3’s, 4’s and 8’s tables by learning this song.


This will help them to memorise their 4 times tables.

In English, please discuss what life was like in the 50’s and help them to rehearse their ideas for their stories with you. Encourage them to think carefully about their characters and their settings.

Things happening this fortnight:

Our story teller is visiting us on Monday 16th. P.E will always take place on a Monday afternoon, please make sure your child has their P.E. kit and trainers in school, as this is essential for our 5K training programme.