18th october 2017

18th october 2017

Dear Families,

We have had an awesome week with a fantastic hook into our new learning journey; Walk Like an Egyptian. We have included some photos you can share with your children to prompt them into talking with you in detail about their learning so far.

We have shared the story of the Egyptian Cinderella which was the original Cinderella story written thousands of years ago about a Greek slave girl called Rhodopis. It was fun to read outside under the parachute!

We have been set some very challenging maths and we have taken it all in our stride. The learners have all made so much progress and are able to subtract three digit numbers with exchanging and renaming!

Our PE has been going really well with the coaches from AFC Bournemouth and we are really developing good football skills and sportsmanship.

Thank you so much for your support with the spellings. As many of you had noticed, the spellings have been split three ways. We are only sending home spellings from the National Curriculum and we are aware that some spellings are particularly challenging. All we ask is that the learners put in 100% effort in practising. We also give them time at school to practise but we really need help from home too please. Thank you.

Please don't forget we have a school trip on the first day back after half term! Please arrive promptly so we can get away on time.  Please also remember to order lunches from Chartwells if you want to have school meals provided.