17th april 2018

17th april 2018

16TH APRIL 2018 - IN THE COMING WEEKS We are starting our new topic which is called ‘The Water Fight’. This topic focuses on the Geography of the countries Nicaragua and Sweden. Within this topic, we are looking at raising money for Water Aid to help them reach the goal of having fresh water in all countries by 2030.

FOCUS FOR ENGLISH Our SPAG focus is ‘I do not talk how I write’. This focuses on writing in formal language and correct English. OUTCOME Learners will deliver presentations to members of the local community to raise awareness of the problems associated with a lack of clean, running water. They will present a cheque to Dorset Water Aid in support of the 2030 campaign.

TAKE-HOME TASK Due Friday 21st May 2017. Keep a water diary. Record how many times your family uses water over the course of a day or a week. (use tallies). Record the reason – what is the water being used for? (drinking, washing, toilet flushing etc.). Present the data collected in an interesting way. (Power point. Poster, graph etc).

MATHS In Maths our focus is interpreting and recording data. The way that you could help at home is by allowing your child to record your families’ favourite meals or pets, any category, and putting this into a tally chart. They could then put this into a bar chart if they like. It is important for the children to understand where the data comes from and how many different ways this can be recorded. Thank you for all your continued support as always! Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Kayleigh Mackin and Jen Cran