14th October 2016

14th October 2016

Year Group: Reception
Focus of Learning: The children have been really inspired by Mae’s trip to the cinema at the weekend and would like to set up their own. They have mind-mapped all the things they will need to do if we were to have a cinema at school. To make this experience as authentic as possible, the children will be entering the kitchen, making their own popcorn and selling it to their friends. We will be tying this real life learning experience in to sharing Julia Donaldson books, especially the Stick Man as it is now feeling a bit more Autumnal. We will be going into the woods to make our own Stick Men and family.

Focus for Literacy: The children have decided that the cinema is no entry without a ticket, so all children will be encouraged to make a ticket to see that day’s screening of a Julia Donaldson short film. They will also be writing film reviews and sequencing the Stick Man story.

 Focus for Mathematical Development: The children will be learning about clocks and telling the time, noticing when it is time for the film to start at our very own cinema. They will also be comparing the height of different sized stick men and we anticipate that this will lead to conversations around their own heights. The children will be encouraged to think about how many children can fit in the cinema at one time and consider the capacity of the room and whether we need more than one screening of the film.

 Focus for character development: With the new drop off/pick up system which we are going to trial this week, the children are going to be making sure that they are taking pride in their outdoor Busy Bees learning environment. They will still be getting used to the different areas available to them and where things live at tidy up time (also known as Macaroni Cheese time – ask your child for more info!)
How you can help at home this fortnight: Talk to your child about the different coins we have and see if they can recognise any of them. Take them shopping (or get them to help when you do it online) and talk about the different values and costs of products. If a trip to the cinema is something you have got in mind over half term, see if your child can make a list of all the things they will need to do and get them to evaluate the real experience over our school experience.
Anything else happening this fortnight: We are always looking at your children’s play to spark off a child-initiated experience, such as the cinema. We have planning in place to support your child’s overall development but we know that your child will make the most progress when they are doing what they choose to do. We are trialling the drop off/pick up system this week and we will be making adjustments as we see necessary. We have a meeting with our Estates Manager next Friday 14th to discuss other possible arrangements so it is all very much still under review.

Thank you for your continued support.