14th November 2016

14th November 2016

Dear Families

What an exciting couple of weeks we have had! The launch of our ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ topic has had us all fascinated as we begin to learn about the life of ancient Egyptians.

We loved learning about the process of mummification (every gruesome bit of it, brains too) and became mummification apprentices after watching Mrs Colyer mummify Miss Winwood! Our visit to the Tutankhamun Exhibition was a great success and our learners were amazed by the artefacts and photographs they saw.  Our imaginations were sparked as we walked through the museum and entered the ante-chamber of Tutankhamun’s tomb with Howard Carter. Our learners gazed in awe as they studied the jewels, amulets and precious items found in Tutankhamun’s tomb and left with an empathy and understanding of Howard Carter’s great discovery of 1922.

We have since begun working on diary entries from the point of view of Howard Carter as he made the discovery of the forgotten tomb of Tutankhmaun, studying diary extracts and developing our descriptive and emotive language.

Our learners have become budding archaeologists, learning from our resident expert, Mrs Brickell about the work of an archaeologist and have searched for artefacts in the sand in our very own mini Egyptian desert!

We have been amazed by the enthusiasm and engagement of our learners who have taken their learning home with them, researching many different aspects of ancient Egyptian life and bringing their findings in to share with their peers. We are already looking forward to creating our pop-up museum in December to share our learning with the community.

In the coming weeks… Our focus for English: We will be editing and improving our diaries, ensuring we have used the correct tense throughout, and that our diaries demonstrate all the features to ensure they are effective as possible, including informal language, descriptive language, descriptions of emotions and feelings, paragraphs and conjunctions. We will also learn about the features of a newspaper report and write our own articles.

Our focus for Maths: We are working on multiplication and division. We will be learning about fact families and developing our knowledge of the times tables, especially 3s, 4s and 8s and we will be applying this knowledge to solve problems in real life contexts. Learners will be encouraged to use inverse operations to check their working and will develop their understanding of the relationship between multiplication and division. We will also be working on addition and subtraction of money and practising working out change.

Our focus for character development: Responsibility. We will be encouraging all of our learners to take responsibility for their learning, from ensuring they have the necessary resources, to being self-motivated and contributing to the learning environment. 

We will also be thinking about rights and responsibilities during anti-bullying week and considering how we can take active responsibility and action against bullying.

How you can help at home this fortnight: We are continuing to focus on joined up handwriting in Year 3. We want the learners to be able to present their work beautifully with ease. Below is a copy of our handwriting format so that you can practice these at home.

In maths we would like our learners to practise using money and finding the change from a given amount. Please allow your children opportunities to add amounts of money and calculate how much change would be received. Please ask your child questions such as;

If an apple costs 15p and I paid using a 20p coin, how much change would I receive?

If I buy a yoyo costing £5 and a magazine costing £4.50, how much change would I receive from £10?

In year three spellings are really important. All learners will continue to receive spellings on a weekly basis. Learners will be given words that are commonly misspelt, as well as topic words and words following specific spelling patterns. Please spend some time encouraging your learners to spell these words and write them into sentences.

Anything else happening this fortnight: Our PE will be taking place on a Monday and a Wednesday so please ensure that your learners kits are in school.

Parent consultations: Wednesday 30th November 2016. Please return your form to sign up for a slot as soon as possible. (letters to be sent out soon!)

Thank you, if you have any worries/questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

The Year 3 Team

Lucy Bartholomew, Sharon Saunders and Hayley Winwood