13th november 2017

13th november 2017

Dear families,

We are having such a wonderful time with this learning experience. You will be amazed by what your children have learnt in the last four weeks and progress is evident in their books. We have travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt and taken on the role of Howard Carter who discovered the forgotten tomb of Tutankhamen back in 1922. We have had many authentic experiences from the hook day where we learnt about mummification, to our school trip to the Tutankhamen exhibition in Dorchester. We have been in the role play to get a sense of what being a responsible archaeologist is all about and we have taken a virtual tour of the River Nile. All of these rich experiences really open doors to quality writing. We have been writing some fantastic diary entries and we can't wait to share them with you.

Outcome details:
In order to provide an authentic museum experience, we wish to invite groups of parents to attend our exhibition rather than trying to manage 61 leaners and their families in such a small space at one time. We hope this also provides families with some flexibility as you are free to swap tickets with each other if you can't make your allocated slot. Tickets will be sent home in book bags in good time to facilitate this. The children will be tour guides or be taking part in live demonstrations just as any great museum would. We re restricting the number of learners involved each day in order to ensure everyone gets a fair input and turn. We want all of our learners to shine. Please just let us know on the door (Miss Fisher for Forget-Me-Nots and Miss Winwood for Foxgloves) if you change days so we can ensure your child is available. Please arrive at the office for a 2.15pm tour where you will be greeted by our highly trained tour guides. It would be lovely if you could act along and ask some questions too!

Tuesday 5th December - Anubis groups
Wednesday 6th December - Ra groups
Thursday 7th December - Horus groups
Friday 8th December - Thoth groups

Dates for your diaries:
Quiz night - Thursday 16th November
Non Uniform for Children in Need - Friday 17th November
Flu vaccinations - Tuesday 21st November
Christmas Fayre - Friday 1st December
Film night - Wednesday 6th December
Carol Concert - Tuesday 12th December
Christmas Party day in classes - Thursday 14th December
Christmas Jumper Day - 15th December (normal uniform, just change jumpers)
Last Day of Term - finishing at 1.30pm  or option to stay until 3pm in the main hall (no after school provisions)

Thank you,
Year 3 Team